A Creative Blend

A Creative Blend

A Creative Blend

My background in corporate law, business, and social media content creation and marketing come together to create a unique and powerful perspective in UX UI Design. By leveraging attention to detail from law, juggling various factors from entrepreneurship, and employing a customer-centric approach from business and social media content creation, Sehar can create meaningful and impactful user experiences.

Let me explain how my background combining skills & expertise from different fields & interests can be blended to enhance my ability to contribute to UX UI Design.

Law to UX / UI

Analytical Thinking:

understanding user behavior & analyzing data

Research Skills:

conducting user research & competitive analysis

Problem Solving:

optimizing user experiences & finding innovative design solutions

Attention to Detail:

creating polished and user-friendly interfaces & ensuring consistency

Communication Skills:

effectively communicating design decisions, presenting proposals, and collaborating with cross-functional teams

Advocacy & Persuasion:

presenting arguments persuasively

Legal & Ethical Considerations:

an advantage in navigating privacy regulations, accessibility standards, and ethical considerations

Transition & Learning

Business to UX / UI

  • A background in business offers holistic understanding of:

    User needs

    Market trends


    Business objectives

    Aiding alignment of designs with overall business strategy

  • Operating a business has ingrained in me a user-focused mindset.

    Success in business necessitates comprehending and satisfying customer wants and needs.

    This mindset translates to UX/UI design, where empathizing with users and designing from their perspective is paramount.

Social Media Content Creation & Marketing to UX / UI

  • Social media content creation & marketing has equipped me with a diverse skill set that extends across various domains.

    Video production & editing

    Visual design



    Content strategy

    Social media management

    Analytics & data interpretation

  • I can create

    Engaging multimedia content

    Design visually appealing interfaces

    Employ storytelling techniques to evoke emotions

    Communicate through copywriting

    Plan user-centric content

    Leverage social media for research & feedback

    Utilize data interpretation to optimize the user experience

Toronto-Based Designer Crafting Distinctive Experiences

As a technologically inclined designer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; I benefit from the city's thriving tech scene, staying updated and infusing my designs with a captivating style.

Work Approach Rooted in User Experience

I excel in paying meticulous attention to detail and find immense satisfaction in creatively solving problems and thriving in cross-functional teams, where collaboration is key to success.

Main Areas of Focus

UX (User Research)

UI (User Interface)

Interactive Design

Marketing Strategies

Wireframing & Prototyping


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